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So as everyone already know now with 2016 PowerShell is the way to go for all Project Server related deployment operations, below is the step by step guide to install & deploy Project Server 2016, assuming you all know how to deploy SharePoint 2016, refer to install details here (https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff608031(v=office.16).aspx)

For the below installation I am using a single server VM in a Hyper-V environment

  • Hardware
    • 10GB RAM
    • 4 virtual proc assigned
    • 120 GB Disk space
  • Software
    • Windows Server 2012 Enterprise with latest SP
    • SQL Server 2014 SP1
    • SharePoint Server 2016 Beta2 (only because I wanted to upgrade to RC)
    • Domain Controller
    • Visual Studio 2015 Community edition (Optional)


  • Assumptions
    • You already have managed account set up
    • Project Server Application proxy has been setup
    • Managed Path has been setup


As you can see unlike 2013 now you cannot PWA (Project Web Access) creation menus are not available, hence we will use a combination of PowerShell & GUI interface to deploy the Project Server though everything performed via GUI can also be done with PowerShell however it’s just my personal preference to use a combination

0 - PWA Deploy CA Check

Step 1: Make sure you have Project Server License enabled, in my case I have already activate the project server license key, to get a key for Beta refer here

“When you create a Project Server site on SharePoint Server 2016 Release Candidate, you need a Project Server 180-day trial key. If you attempt to enable the Project site, the following error appears: “The farm does not have a product key for Project Server. You can add your key by using Enable-ProjectServerLicense.

Use the following 180-day trial key for Project Server:

1 - Check License


Step 2: Create a Web Application

In this case, I chose to use GUI to create a new Web App which will host the PWA site collection

2 - Create Web App

Step 4: Create a root site collection

3 - Create Site Collection

Error in my trial and error thing I had created a root site collection from the UI, however was again trying to do it from the PowerShell, you can use either to do so, in my case I deleted the one I created earlier using GUI and created new one with PowerShell

6 - Error Site Coll Already Exists

Step 5: to create PWA site collection use the command below

New-SPSite -ContentDatabase -OwnerAlias   -Name "Project Web App Demo" -Template "pwa#0"

Important is to use the required template else you will have to activate the PWA features later 😉
7 - Deploy Site Coll PWA

Fairly straight forward, isn’t it ? you get your new PWA provisioned

8 - PWA Instance Created

Last thing though optional I wanted to get my permission mode changed to Project Server instead of SharePoint

9 - PS Security Missing

Set-SPProjectPermissionMode -Url -Mode ProjectServer

10 - Change PS Security

11 - PS Security Mode available

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