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Recently i was working with Time Sheet Reports and one of the request was to incorporate calendar exceptions in order to avoid sending emails for holidays and hence started working on getting calendar exceptions in Power BI report, once i got the calendar exceptions it was easy to incorporate it as filter in all the reports

The intent of this post is to show how to bring in calendar exceptions in Power BI, once in the usages are numerous and any Power BI report developer can easily incorporate it in various ways

Step 1.  Launch your Power BI .pbix file

Step 2.  Navigate to Data in Left bar >> Edit Queries


Step 3. New Source  >> OData


Step 4. Add New Odata URL as https://Your.servername.com/sites/pwa/_api/ProjectServer/Calendars


Notice i am not going to oData instead using REST API


Once added >> you should see the Calendars as above

Step 5. Load the Query in connection Model

Step 6. Once Created i renamed the Query1 dataset to “AllCalendarException”

Step 7. Expand the “BaseCalendarException” Tables


Step 8. Once Expanded you would notice all the exceptions available in your dataset for your use



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