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While working on the Project one day I realized how the ID field has been updated in the 2010.

In MS Project 2007, ID Field in the Usage Views (Task and Resource) would pick up both IDs – Task’s and Resource’s. So its kind of mingled in the when ID Column is inserted, Resource rows carrying Resource ID and Task rows carrying Task ID.

 But there is a shift in 2010, it picks only the Task ID in Task Usage and Resource ID in Resource Usage view and no mingling of IDs on each row. Making the concept neat and defined 🙂

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Sometimes due to corrupt installation or Global MPT getting corrupted PERT Analysis tool bar disappear from the Tools Options. Sometimes also due to DLL references becoming bad it happens.

There could be several options, but what worked for most is mentioned in Solution 1. J

Solution 1 : View -> Toolbars -> Customize -> Commands -> All Commands  (In Left Box)-> ComAddIns Dialog (In Right Box) and drag it on the tool bar. Place it somewhere below Standard Tool Bar.

Now Close this dialog box. Click on the Com Add-Ins icon


It will open the dialog box where in PERT Analysis may be checked, uncheck it and then recheck and OK. This will add PERT Analysis to the Toolbar.

If PERT Analysis checkbox is not listed there Click on Add button and search it at

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Project 2007\Office12\PERTANL.DLL


Reference : http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/project-help/i-don-t-see-the-analysis-toolbar-listed-in-the-view-menu-HA010163687.aspx

Solution 2 :  Replace or Regenerate your Global.MPT.

Hope it helps you 🙂

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Additionally SP1 is a rollup of all the fixes that have been previously shipped, essentially it contains all of the cumulative updates that have been released to date

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