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Thought of sharing for people who are looking for reporting data on Portfolio strategy, as you know Portfolio Strategy data is not available out of box with Project Server  2010 installation, hence before proceeding for reporting you need to get the “Portfolio Strategy Object Publish to RDB” solution starter installed in your environment, get it from here :: http://archive.msdn.microsoft.com/P2010SolutionStarter , post installation make sure you publish your scenarios, analysis solution drivers , priorities etc… before you would find actual data in DB

Since this being a solution starter the schema is not documented and at times its hard to look where to find which data, other way would be to look for sample reports & data connection queries, that gets installed upon deploying the solution starter, or if you want to understand the complete schema look at the attached diagram, download the image below & enlarge to see

Portfolio Strategy RDB DataSchema









Let us know if this helps

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