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Post upgrade from 2007 to 2010, one of the issues we were experiencing was project level flag type of custom field values were resetting, initially since we were not on SP1 hence one of the impression was, this could be a stability issue and would be fixed with SP1, we applied the SP1 and it didn’t fixed the problem, hence we went ahead with the next approach – i.e. recreate the custom field, though this was pretty tedious as we had to fill all the previous values but this did resolved the issue, so here are the simple steps to perform

1. Delete custom field from project server, follow the standard procedure, navigate to server settings >> Enterprise custom field >> select the custom field >> delete custom field

Note: make sure its cleanly wiped out, check for queue / logs, if required

2. Recreate the field with same name >>re enter data as required

and this helps making the flag field stable, that’s what i have experienced 🙂

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